The Essential Pieces of a Transformative Experience

Community Strength

  • Communities formed around Quad traditions, events and identities
  • More on-campus social events and resources to support them
  • Physical spaces for activities and events
  • More equitable university funding
  • More mentoring opportunities
  • Cross-year connections
  • Greater sense of belonging/identity
  • Greater awareness and support for mental health and wellbeing
  • Inclusive culture
  • More fun and joy on campus

Intellectual Exploration

  • Faculty Fellows Program on West Campus
  • Co-curricular career and purpose programming focused on life skills, issues and events that will prepare students for post-college life
  • Quad leadership model that includes students, faculty and staff
  • Physical environments that foster intellectual engagement and curiosity
  • Strong alumni network and mentorship
  • Guest speakers and other formal and informal opportunities to explore intellectual interests 
  • Exposure to diverse thinking and life of the mind