QuadEx Question of the Week

The QuadEx Question of the Week (QoW) is a weekly one question survey of the entire undergraduate student body about, you guessed it, QuadEx.


Answer this week’s Question of the Week:

What do you think is the most important structural feature of Pre-Os?


On Thursday of each week, we will release a new Qualtrics survey posted to this page that will ask one question related to QuadEx. We will use the data collected to inform our decisions about QuadEx as we bring the new residential system to life.  

What’s in it for you (besides sharing your very valuable opinions!)? 

PRIZES. Each week we will randomly select a respondent to win a prize–and these aren’t your grandmother’s prizes. Fill out the QoW, and enter for a chance to win:

A swinging bench on the BC Plaza reserved just for you
Skip to the front of the line at Midnight Breakfast
Behind-the-scenes tour of Cameron Indoor
Catered lunch on the Grainger Hall Rooftop Garden
… and more! 

Students who complete all five QoW for the fall semester will be entered to win a special grand prize!

Thank you for participating, and we can’t wait to hear from you!




Complete all 5 QoW to be entered to win the grand prize! 
Choose from either:
 – exclusive premier parking in the Student Wellness Lot for two weeks in January, 
– priority class registration for Fall 2022 (register a day ahead of your entire class!)


Thursday, October 28: What is your ideal block size?

Prize: A swinging bench on the BC Plaza reserved under your name for one week! Roped off, just for you and your friends to enjoy.

Winner: Jerone Samari ’24


Thursday, November 4: What do you think is necessary to support a successful social life in the Quads?

Prize: Control the music in the WU for a day

Winner: Lauren Sar ’25

Infographic with blue overlay reading, QuadEx Question of the Week Results, with percentage of respondents who ranked option as 1 (most important) being: funding (25%), alcohol policies (24%), event consultants (21%), space (12%), culturally relevant options (10%), and logistical support (9%).

Thursday, November 11: Which of the following has been your most meaningful experience interacting with faculty outside of class? 

Prize: Skip to the front of the line at Midnight Breakfast

Winner: Andrew Sun ’25

Thursday, November 18: What do you think is the most important structural feature of Pre-Os?

Prize: Punchcard to bypass the Bryan Center package line 5 times!

Winner: TBD! 

Thursday, December 2

Prize: TBD!

Winner: TBD! 

  • QoW will be released each week on Thursdays
  • To be eligible for the week’s prize, students must respond to the QoW by Wednesday evening at 11:59 p.m.
  • QoW is only open to current undergraduate students 
  • One entry per week per student
  • Students must provide NetID and class year to be eligible for each week’s prize 
  • We will publish QoW results on the QuadEx website