Enhanced Quad-based social and intellectual opportunities will extend the best of Duke’s living and learning experiences to all students

QuadEx Details

  • Residential communities will be centered around seven West Campus Quads
  • East Campus Houses will be permanently connected to associated West Campus Quads
  • Each Quad will develop its own identity, traditions and social events
  • QuadEx will support students for their entire four years at Duke
  • First-year students will continue to live on East Campus, but will have automatic membership into their affiliated Quad on West Campus
  • Sophomores will live in their linked West Campus Quad
  • Juniors will reside in their West Campus Quad or other upperclass housing on campus (Hollows, 300 Swift)
  • Seniors will live in their Quad, the Hollows, 300 Swift, or off campus
  • Juniors and seniors will retain affiliation with their Quad regardless of where they live