Enhanced Quad-based social and intellectual opportunities will extend the best of Duke’s living and learning experiences to all students

QuadEx Details

  • Residential communities will be centered around seven West Campus Quads
  • East Campus Houses will be permanently connected to associated West Campus Quads
  • Each Quad will develop its own identity, traditions and social events
  • QuadEx will support students for their entire four years at Duke
  • First-year students will continue to live on East Campus, but will have automatic membership into their affiliated Quad on West Campus
  • Sophomores will live in their linked West Campus Quad
  • Juniors will reside in their West Campus Quad or other upperclass housing on campus (Hollows, 300 Swift)
  • Seniors will live in their Quad, the Hollows, 300 Swift, or off campus
  • Juniors and seniors will retain affiliation with their Quad regardless of where they live
gothic architecture snippets with colorful overlays outlining the east-west pairings. basset and pegram are paired with craven quad. giles and wilson are paired with crowell quad. belltower and trinity are paired with edens quad. gilbert addoms and southgate are paired with few quad. blackwell and randolph are paired with keohane quad. alspaugh and brown are paired with kilgo quad. east house and west house are paired with wannamaker quad.
  • QuadEx is an inclusive living and learning model that builds upon the history, values and spirit of Duke. 
  • The goal of QuadEx is to deliver transformative experiences by enhancing the social, residential, and intellectual lives of all undergraduate students. 
  • Supporting a key pillar of Duke’s strategic framework, QuadEx provides the structure and resources needed to build strong on-campus communities, enable deep exploration of intellectual interests, and promote overall wellness and growth. 
  • Follow a student’s QuadEx JourneyMap through their time at Duke below. 
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